Iceberg For 2 Sided Pool

Iceberg For 2 Sided Pool doubles as a climbing wall and a water slide that floats on the lake. Exhilarating fun for adults and kids alike, this Iceberg For 2 Sided Pool features easy-grip handles, commercial-grade reinforced PVC construction, three anchor points per corner, and four Halkey Roberts inflation valves. Pair that with an eternity limited warranty and you’looking at quite a long time of fun to come for family and friends’s more fun—after you traverse your way to the utmost effective, you can shoot down the slide on the opposite side and into the water !.

Iceberg For 2 Sided Pool Aqua Games can be an inflatable sea climbing and slide!. Iceberg For 2 Sided Pool Aqua Games supplies a huge festivity for kids and adults climbing the hill or jumping into the water! It comes with a need to play all day. It is exceptional for groups and is the perfect supply of entertainment to savor either with a friend.Children like to climb the hill and find great excitement of coolness sliding back in the water.

Very exciting and fun. It could be put into the beach park, swimming park, hotels and other game centers.

Technicial Specifications
Name of the product: Iceberg For 2 Sided Pool
Material: 0.8mm TPU, Waterproof, Fire Retardant, Anti-UV
Size: 3x4x4 Meter or The size you want is produced
2 year
Workmanship: Double /sewn with quadruple stitches
Accessory: Repair Kits
Delivery method / time: 3-5 working days after receive deposit
MOQ: 1 PC,The more you order,better the price is!
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