Popular Inflatable Water Blobs

Anyone jump down on the one hand of Popular Inflatable Water Blobs , other side goes up. If you approach small energy losses,
then art produced by the bag in slowing the falling people down is identical work done to the launched person.
Popular Inflatable Water Blobs has become a tank of air placed in the water. is one which is absolute to have maximum sensation as it would be located in the bottom with the throwing people into the air. Several people jump as well from an elevated platform and descend to at least one end within the block where these guys at and the second end. For that reason, this person blows up heaven in various orbits.

Technicial Specifications
Name of the product: Popular Inflatable Water Blobs
Material: 0.8mm TPU, Waterproof, Fire Retardant, Anti-UV
Size: 8×3 Meter or The size you want is produced
2 year
Workmanship: Double /sewn with quadruple stitches
Accessory: Repair Kits
Delivery method / time: 3-5 working days after receive deposit
MOQ: 1 PC,The more you order,better the price is!
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